Due to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 and the worldwide emergency measures that follow it BM-10 will not be happening in April 2020.

But the show must go on and so does the Boogie Madness. We have taken the time to find the smoothest possible solution and present you with alternative options for us all to gather, dance boogie woogie and have a great time. Read further for details about the re-planning of the event.

BM-10 is still happening! We are waiting to see how the COVID-crisis will develop but we’re thinking about an Autumn edition, maybe in October 2020 (concrete dates to follow soon). With the ever-growing interest for the event and the additional time we will make it even bigger, better, cooler.

Starting the beginning of April, we will re-open the registration process and we will be updating the event and the website with every new bit of information we can confirm.

Follow us for more news about the BM-10 special Anniversary edition!

Everybody already registered – ask yourselves “What is it that you truly desire?” and find the option that fits you best:

cool You don’t want to miss the BM-10 special Anniversary edition!  

We will re-validate your registration for the new dates – regardless of the new terms and prices. This change is automatic for everyone already registered and requires no additional action. No additional fees and charges apply.

embarassed The new time period for the event does not suit you and you want to save your investment.

  • Option 1:

Sell your registration or gift it to a friend. You can do this now for FREE, without the additional fee (10 Euro) for change of personal information. The pass remains valid for the new dates of BM-10 and regular terms apply. You must inform us about the new registration details after you make the change.

  • Option 2:

Lose your BM-10 access but re-validate your registration for next year – BM-12 (Boogie Madness Spring Edition 2021). Do this by contacting us via Email not later than 27 April 2020. We will re-validate your pass for the next year edition – regardless of the new terms and prices. No additional fees and charges will apply. Note that change is permanent. Regular terms apply since. Once you decide to do it – you cannot go back and request re-validation for BM-10. Change of registration for BM-11 or any other Summer edition is also not possible.

If you fail to contact us within this deadline – you can still approach us till 15 September 2020. But this will only give you a 50% discount from BM-12. Afterwards no other change is possible.

frown You want it all to be over and salvage as much as possible from your investment.

Contact us to cancel your registration and get a partial refund. The best we can offer you despite our terms at this point is the amount of your total payment (based on registration date – early bird, normal, late) minus the 80 Euro advance payment.
Example: If you registered as a Late bird = 175 Euro, minus the advance payment = 80 Euro => in this case you can get 95 euro back. 
Do this by contacting us via Email not later than the original starting date of the BM-10 edition – 2 April 2020.

The return process will mirror the payment – if you paid cash you will get cash; if you paid by bank – you will get a bank transfer. For the lather – please send us your bank details.

NB: In case of additional bank charges, they will be at the expense of the recipient.

BOROVEts, Bulgaria

80km from Sofia
390km from Burgas
500km from Varna

230km from Skopje, North Macedonia
300km from Thessaloniki, Greece


2-5 APRIL 2020



Live Performances

new Strictly competition

Team Activities

…and more!

Camp Pass from 150€ For early bird

* First 50 registered.










What is Boogie Madness ?

Boogie Madness is a dance camp that occurs twice every year. We invite you to an extraordinary swing event, with unique atmosphere for every true boogie fan!

The spring edition of the camp is our mountain based promise for intense program, positive emotions and unforgettable memories with wild boogie dancers.

What to expect from the upcoming Boogie Madness 10:

Worry-free experience

Your PASS covers everything for all 4 days and you won’t have to worry about anything – it includes all workshops for your level, all parties, all additional activities, the accommodation + breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and a Boogie Madness t-shirt.

World class trainers

21 out of total 24 workshops will be led by top professionals and world champions. There will be 3 levels, with 8 workshops in each.

Memorable parties & contests

Boogie parties all night long! An opportunity to challenge yourself on contests, as well as to win amazing prizes.

And all this…

Happening right at the great Rila Mountains, where fatigue is just a myth – you can hike all day and dance all night.

 Registration is now OPEN. Don’t waste time and register!


Camp Program

21 out of total 24 workshops will be led by top professionals and world champions. There will be 3 levels, with 8 workshops in each. You can go only to workshops in your level or lower.

  • Thursday start check-in time is 14:00 h. and first meal for the day is dinner.
  • On the first day there will be prelims to help you select your level – starting from 15:00 h.
  • The exact schedule for the workshops will be given on spot at the registration office.
  • Sunday workshops will finish until 15:00 h.

Meanwhile don’t forget we are in the mountains – you can go hiking or simply enjoy the beautiful nature.
The important part is to not only learn and dance, but also to have fun by whatever means you like and relax.

Expect more information soon 🙂

Are you ready for the Spring Madness?

Our anniversary edition just got even better!

There will be strictly competition on the camp, with the chance for you to win:

  • 2 full passes for Boogie Feet (Norway)
  • 2 full passes for BAL Festival (France)
  • 2 full passes for October Boogie Fest (Ukraine)

Excited? We are! Check the event for more news.


Intermediate – If you want to attend this class you should already know – triple step, swing out, under arm turn, basic lead and follow, some improvisation, having idea what is musicality and at least one advance leading figure.

AdvancedIf you want to attend this class you should pass the prelims and the teachers will decide if you are for this level or not.
You will need to know: 
 what the rhythm in BW is, stretch, tension, rock’n go, advance leading and advance leading figures, many variations of basic figures and moves, improvisation, musicality and capability to dance at tempo 40+ without a problem.

Advanced++If you want to attend this class you should pass the prelims and the teachers will decide if you are for this level or not.
You will need to know: 
 at least one side by side figure, at least one advance leading figure, at least one highlight figure, some dips and tricks, rhythm dance, face of the couple, working with the center, working with the rhythm, improvisation and interpretation on fast music, and dancing with no problem on tempo at least 46-48 or more. Some of the classes could require partner or could be with competition thematic.

What is a prelim? Dancing several songs at a time with other people with change of partners (like at a party), during which the teachers will evaluate your dance skills and ensure best distribution of people between levels.



The Place

Borovets is a town on the northern slopes of Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains, at an altitude of 1350m. It is the first mountain resort on the entire Balkans. It’s the gateway to numerous ski and snowboard runs on Rila National Park’s craggy Musala Ridge. Cycle routes crisscross the alpine landscape. Footpaths lead through rocky outcrops and valleys to the 7 high-altitude Musala Lakes, including glacial Icy Lake. Just north, kayaks and other leisure boats ply the Iskar Reservoir’s calm waters.

Getting There

Bulgaria is a member of the EU and it is easily accessible from most parts of Europe. If you are coming from outside the EU, you might need a visa in order to enter the country. We advice you to check beforehand.

Travelling options are various – by plane, bus, train or car.

Note that you can also search for some additional flights through Skopje, North Macedonia (non-EU) or Thessaloniki, Greece (EU).
If you travel to Varna, Burgas, Skopje or Thessaloniki – make your way from there to Sofia and further organize the rest of the trip to Borovets by following the tips below.

From Sofia by car

Head to Tsarigradsko Shose towards Gorublyane district. Take the exit and turn right to Samokovsko Shose. Head to Pancherevo , and follow the road E82 to Borovets. Or simply put “Borovets” in your maps/navigation and follow. 🙂


In case you are old-school and use physical maps you should follow these directions: Sofia – Gorublyane – Pancharevo – Samokov  – Borovets.


Note: If you are coming by car – have in mind that you need a vignette sticker to drive in Bulgaria. It can be purchased from any gas station or online via the link blow. There will be available free parking spots at the camp location.



The Bulgarian Lev is the currency of Bulgaria. The currency code for Lev is BGN, and the currency symbol is лв.
Тhe value of the leva has been pegged to the Euro, at a fixed rate of 1 EUR = 1.96 BGN. Prices in shops and restaurants should be divided by two in order to get them in Euro. 

Everywhere you will pay in Lev, so change some money in the center of the city or use an ATM directly.


Sondre and Tanya (NOR/UKR)

They’ve started their partnership at Swing Aout Festival 2015 (Laroquebrou, France) and right after got invited to teach in Canada. Since then it rolled like a snowball with more and more invitations to teach and perform Boogie Woogie and Lindy-hop in different events around Europe. Apart from that they got involved into the international Boogie Woogie competition scene representing Norway. During 2016-2018 Sondre and Tanya have entered all finals in each competition. Their fast development made them win four World Cups, Nordic Championship and, most important, World Championship 2017 (Marseille, France). Currently they are number 2 in the World overall Main class Boogie Woogie ranking list. Their plan is to keep on competing, performing, teaching and sharing the dances we all love in any possible way!

  • World Champions 2017
  • Vice World Champions 2018
  • European Champions 2018, 2019
  • Nordic Champions 2017, 2018
  • Norwegian Champions 2017, 2018
  • 9 World Cup wins all over the world including USA and Russia.

Before starting this partnership each of them had already a rich dance background…

William and Alice (ITA)

William Pisani and Alice Faraone (both from Milan) are members of the Italian National Team of Boogie-Woogie federation. They are Dancers and Instructors of Boogie-Woogie, West Coast Swing, and Lindy Hop in their Dance School “Benny’s Band” in Assago (Milan, Italy). They dance, since they were 9 years old, and dance together, in couple, for 9 years now.

  • Winner of the Italian Championship in Junior Class of Boogie-Woogie in 2011.
  • Winner of the “Coppa Italia” (Italian Boogie-Woogie Cup) for two seasons: 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, and
  • Italian Championship in Main Class of Boogie Woogie for three years: in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

They represent Italy also abroad, in International competitions as World Championship and European Championship. They have reached finals in 6 different World Master of Boogie Woogie: Lyon 2011, Ginevra 2012,  Wintherthur and Rimini 2015. Rimini 2017 and an incredible 2nd place at the World Master of Stuttgart in 2017. At the Italian Open of West Coast Swing we arrived in 4th place performing our personal Showcase routine. Winner of the title: World Couple Dance in Turin in 2 different disciplines: West Coast Swing and in Jitterbug (Boogie-Woogie Showcase).

In 2018 they stopped competing because Alice injured the knee, but they spent a lot of their time practicing and developping their Lindy Hop skills partecipating in different festivals, (also as teachers) and taking part in social competitions. In 2019 they won the Italian Championship in Main Class in boogie-woogiе and started compeeting again.


Vlady “Bombeto” & Beny (BGR)


Vlady is a one of the first boogie dancers in Bulgaria. Initially, he started with ballroom dances at the age of 7, but found his passion in Boogie Woogie. Shortly  after, he made his own club and started spreading boogie in his country, gradually making it part of bulgarian life. Flying Steps Swing Dances organised 2 World cups in Bulgaria. Thanks to Vlady, now we have a strong community of high level boogie dancers.  He started competing in 2012 and until now, he is part of the only Bulgarian couple who went to a World Championship, and were invited to the World Sports Games. In the years to come, fate encountered Vlady with several short term partners. In 2015 he found Beny and they started dancing together.

Beny loves dancing and sports in general . In 2014 she first came across with Boogie Woogie. She instantly fell in love with the joyful and energetic dance. Only for one year she became one of the top dancers in Bulgaria, spending a lot of time in training and getting better. It wasn’t long before she started dancing and competing with Vlady. Good dance technique, soft frame and ”feeling” the partner are essential for Beny. She is the girl, who can follow everything! At parties you can see her constantly dancing and having fun with  everyone. 

Now Vlady and Beny are teaching together and putting their hearts into training high quality dance couples, growing the boogie community. They also started judging together and managed to adapt the WRRC rules for Bulgarian competitions. Some of their couples have already reached the top 3 places on several camps, and this is only the beginning! The everyday experience with their students so far allows them to predict and fix any problems. In class they are a genuinely amusing people, as well as accurate and detailed in their explanations. There main goal is to create good leaders and good followers, and teach them how to have fun on the dance floor.




Double room / Studio


The rooms have bathroom with shower, fridge & minibar, balcony, direct dial phone, satellite TV, safe. Free Wi-Fi available in the lobby.

2 people per room, so find yourselves a roommate.
If you sign up alone you will be put with other participants at random.


All pass prices are in EUR, per person and include:

  • 3 nights in a double room/studio (depending on availability)
  • 3 meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner (first day starting with dinner)
  • 3 parties
  • 8 workshops in selected level (*mind the prelims)
  • 1 Boogie Madness T-shirt


Boogie Madness Registration is still OPEN!