Lozenets - Bulgaria

59km from Burgas
440km from Sofia
190km from Varna

4 - 9 August





Team Activities

…and more!

What is Boogie Madness ?

Boogie Madness is a dance camp that occurs twice every year. We invite you to an extraordinary swing event, with unique atmosphere for every true boogie fan!

The summer edition of the camp is our sea promise for intense program, positive emotions and unforgettable memories with wild boogie dancers.

What to expect from the upcoming Boogie Madness 11:

Worry-free experience

Your ticket covers everything for all 6 days and you won’t have to worry about anything – it includes all workshops for your level, all parties, all additional activities, and the accommodation + lunch and dinner every day.

World class trainers

12 out of total 16 workshops will be led by top professionals and world champions. There will be 2 levels, with 8 workshops in each.

Memorable parties & contests

Boogie parties all night long – could be with sunrise at the beach 🙂 An opportunity to challenge yourself on contests, as well as to win amazing prizes.

And all this…

Happening right by the lovely Black Sea, with sweet talks at the beach bar and many additional fun activities every day.

Registrations open on 01.07. at 16:00h.
Don’t waste time and be among the first 30 participants
– the early bird tickets will come with special discount!


Camp Program

12 out of total 16 workshops will be led by top professionals and world champions. There will be 2 levels, with 8 workshops in each. Meanwhile there are plenty of other activities to take part of, like team games, board games, other games, beach volleyball, or just have fun by whatever means you like and relax.


There will be two levels this year – Green & Yellow Group – and there will be prelims on the first day of the camp which will determine in which group you’ll be placed. If you decide to skip the prelims, you’d be placed in the lower group.

What is a prelim? Dancing several songs at a time with other people with change of partners (like at a party), during which the teachers will evaluate your dance skills and ensure best distribution of people between levels.


The Place

Lozenets is a cute resort village on the southern Black Sea coast. The proximity of Strandzha mountain makes it even more enchanting. Lozenets is small, coquette and cozy, with a long and picturesque beach with golden sand. The average summer temperatures in July-August vary between 26-31 degrees Celsius.

Getting There

Bulgaria is a member of the EU and it is easily accessible from most parts of Europe. If you are coming from outside the EU, you might need a visa in order to enter the country. We advice you to check beforehand.

Travelling options are various – by plane, bus, train or car.

From Sofia

Option 1 :
From Terminal 1 take the shuttle bus (free of charge) in front of the terminal building. It will take you to Terminal 2, where is located the metro station. Take metro line 1 , and change to Metro line 2 on Serdika  Station. Line 2 will take you to both Sofia Central Bus and Railway Stations within less than half an hour. The ticket costs 1.60 leva.

For more information check:

Option 2 :
You can take a taxi, to the Central Bus or Railway Station, which will cost  you approximately 15-20 leva.
From Sofia Central Bus Station you have to take a bus to Lozenets. The trip will take around 7 hours and will cost approximately 30 leva.
From Sofia Central Railway Station you can take a train to Burgas. The trip will take around 6 hours. If you choose to travel first class, the trip will cost 26 leva. Second class – 20.90 leva. From Burgas Central Railway Station, you have to reach Burgas South Bus Station (1 min walk), and then take a bus to Lozenets. The trip will take 1h 15min and will cost 9 leva.

Option 3:
You can take a plane to Burgas.

Option 4:
You can try to find place in the car of any of our Bulgarian participants, travelling from Sofia.

By car

If you are coming by car – have in mind that you need a vignette sticker to drive in Bulgaria. It can be purchased from any gas station or online via the link blow. There will be available free parking spots at the camp location.



The Bulgarian Lev is the currency of Bulgaria. The currency code for Lev is BGN, and the currency symbol is лв.
Тhe value of the leva has been pegged to the Euro, at a fixed rate of 1 EUR = 1.96 BGN. Prices in shops and restaurants should be divided by two in order to get them in Euro. 

Everywhere you will pay in Lev, so change some money in the center of the city or use an ATM directly.


Grzegorz & Agnieszka Cherubiński

Agnieszka and Grzegorz are Boogie Woogie dancing siblings, who started to dance with each other in the beginning of 2009. Their first international success was in 2009 in Maribor, where they got the 5th place in the World Cup. But their career boomed in the April of 2011 when they started to break the scandinavian “monopoly” of final couples. They also managed to get the 3rd place in World Championship in Stuttgart 2011. They decided to end their career in 2016 reaching highest results in their lives, becoming European Champions and Vice World Champions.

Agnieszka and Grzegorz are giving their own style and new look to Boogie Woogie. Their dance is a combination of many different techniques with an extra touch of Polish style, which gives them a unique feeling. It is also said that they are not only good dancers but also excellent teachers.

Vlady “Bombeto” & Beny

Vlady is a one of the first boogie dancers in Bulgaria. Initially, he started with ballroom dances at the age of 7, but found  his passion in Boogie Woogie. Shortly  after, he made his own club and started spreading boogie in his country, gradually making it part of bulgarian life. Flying Steps Swing Dances organised 2 World cups in Bulgaria. Thanks to Vlady, now we have a strong community of high level boogie dancers.  He started competing in 2012 and until now, he is part of the only Bulgarian couple who went to a World Championship, and were invited to the World Sports Games. In the years to come, fate encountered Vlady with several short term partners. In 2015 he found Beny and they start dancing  together.

Beny loves dancing and sports in general . In 2014 she first came across with Boogie Woogie. She instantly fell in love with the joyful and energetic dance. Only for one year she became one of the top dancers in Bulgaria, spending a lot of time in training and getting better. It wasn’t long before she started dancing and competing with Vlady. Good dance technique, soft frame and ”feeling” the partner are essential for Beny. She is the girl, who can follow everything! At parties you can see her constantly dancing and having fun with  everyone.

Now Vlady and Beny are teaching together and putting their hearts into training high quality dance couples, growing the boogie community. They also started judging together and managed to adapt the WRRC rules for Bulgarian competitions. Some of their couples have already reached the top 3 places on several camps, and this is only the beginning! The everyday experience with their students so far allows them to predict and fix any problems. In class they are a genuinely amusing people, as well as accurate and detailed in their explanations. There main goal is to create good leaders and good followers, and teach them how to have fun on the dance floor.


Full Pass / Full Pass Duo

4-5(Full Pass) / 2-3(Full Pass Duo) people per cottage/room. Separated bath, no air-condition, no refrigerator, no TV. If you pick this you do not have to pick your roommates. If you signed alone for this option you will be put with other participants at random.

Full Pass + / Full Pass Duo +

4-5(Full Pass) / 2-3 (Full Pass) people per cottage/room. Recently renovated cottages/rooms with separated bath, air-condition, refrigerator and TV. If you pick this type of pass you HAVE TO pick your roommates during your registration.

If you would like to participate only in the workshops and the parties or come only for few days, we advise you to get the lowest price pass (Full Pass) since there are no separate passes for just part of the camp. Everything – accommodation, food and the camp itself, is included in the price. The rest is up to you.



The current global situation makes organizing such an event extremely risky and difficult for us. However, we really love the boogie and that’s why there will be a Boogie Madness Summer edition this year! We hope that everything will be fine and the event will run normally, like every year! However, we want to note once again here:

In case that it is impossible to hold the event due to circumstances beyond our control or if it is dangerous for you or us to hold the event, it would not be possible to refund the full amount of the price you paid for your pass. You would have to choose between these options:

  • Enroll for the next year’s summer event (summer 2021)
  • Free of fees for transfer of your pass to another person for the next years summer event (summer 2021)
  • Partial refund – we will have to keep 50% of the total amount that will be already spent on fees and organization of the event

We believe that this will be another great edition of Boogie Madness and we are all looking forward to it.

All pass prices are per person and include:

  • 5 nights in a cottage/room (depending on the pass type)
  • 2 meals per day – lunch and dinner
  • 3 parties
  • 8 workshops per group
  • T-shirt
Early Bird Regular Late Bird
Full Pass €175 Sold Out! €185 Sold Out! €200
Full Pass Duo Full Pass + €10 Sold Out! Full Pass + €10 Sold Out! Full Pass + €10
Full Pass + • Recommended • Full Pass + €15 Sold Out! Full Pass + €15 Sold Out! Full Pass + €15
Full Pass + Duo Sold Out! Full Pass + €25 Sold Out! Full Pass + €25 Sold Out! Full Pass + €25 Sold Out!
– Deposit of 50% of the pass price must be paid no later than 5 days after the registration.

– The remaining amount of the pass price must me paid until 15th July 2020.

* All prices are in Euro.

** Full Pass + are limited, may not be available after the first week.

*** Registration for Duo passes require a to register with a roommate.

Registrations are open!